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  • The 3 Best Things To Do In Waipu Cove

    The 3 Best Things To Do In Waipu Cove

    Waipu Cove is such an pretty beach destination in Northland. We’ve been coming here for years for short getaways, surf trips, long weekends and family gatherings. We love that stretch of Bream Bay at Waipu and Langs and think you will too. Here are our three best things to do in Waipu Cove:

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  • West Coast favourite, Muriwai surf Beach - Alex and Sony

    West Coast favourite, Muriwai surf Beach

    Muriwai Beach - one of our most loved New Zealand beaches.
    The beautiful colours and textures of the black sand that turns purple some evenings. The explosive sunsets on those lucky nights. The powerful green, blue or brown waters, depending on Mother Natures mood. Meandering through the pine forest, sitting a while, listening to the breeze through the pine needles.
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  • Whananaki, Northland - Alex and Sony

    Whananaki, Northland

    Whananaki, Northland. We’ve travelled a lot, seen many different countries and visited some of the worlds top holiday destinations. And after seeing all that it’s hard to fault Northland - clean, uncrowded, peaceful, safe, relatively good weather, reasonably warm water...

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  • Mangawhai Dreaming - Alex and Sony

    Mangawhai Dreaming

    Mangawhai Beach, New Zealand. Drive an hour and a half north of Auckland, you’ll cross the border into Northland and enter paradise… Mangawhai is one of the favourite holiday and bach spots for Aucklanders. It’s growing like crazy with fancy...

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