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Featured in New Zealand Magazine Your Home and Garden

This was such a nice little feature Home and Garden Magazine did on us!
Below is a little snippet from the article, which you can read in full here. 


Sony with Alex And Sony travel and landscape photography prints


Every picture tells a story, and Auckland-based Alex Hall and Sony Nuth’s fine art photography embodies tales of sun-kissed summers and spirited adventures. Their vibrant prints eloquently capture scenes around the globe, from the glistening beauty of Lake Whakatipu to ethereal swimming spots in Milos, Greece. You might have seen their stunning prints on Instagram, or stocked on our online marketplace, Shop your Home and Garden.

“We’ve lived a pretty vivid life through our travels and these landscapes are a beautiful reminder of that,” says Alex. “It inspires us to do more of what we love – roaming, exploring and creating.”

Alex and Sony’s prints are so captivating, you’d be forgiven for thinking you could step into one of their dreamy scenes. But as all photographers know, there’s an art to capturing the right image at the right time.

“Creating an image we feel is good enough to share can sometimes take days. It can mean return trips to the same place because we’re not quite satisfied with what we’ve captured,” explains Alex. “And then some days, it’s instant. We know the shot we’ve just taken is really special because all the elements are in harmony. It’s the light, the subject or capturing that beautiful, serendipitous moment.”

Head to Your Home and Garden to read the full article. 


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