Whether you’re renovating or in need of some newness on your walls, we understand that choosing the right piece/s can be a little overwhelming - especially when there are so many options. Even once you’ve decided on a print, what size should you get? Which frame colour? Border or no Border?

All of these decisions can start to take the joy out of it and we don’t want that!

So we would love to help make the process a little easier.


How It Works:

Submit Your Photo: Snap a quick photo (on your phone) of the wall or space where you envision your new artwork. 

Tell Us Your Vision: Share your preferences, colour schemes, and any specific themes you have in mind.

Include any favourites from our shop -(If you have any)

Send to sony@alexandsony.com

Please allow 2-3 working days for us to send back our recommendations.

This service is complimentary, with no commitment to purchase.

Note: All submitted photos and information are kept confidential and used solely for the purpose of providing art recommendations.