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We use simple style framing where the print is framed straight in against the glass and has NO mat.

Please note, we only offer framing services within New Zealand. For Frames size A0 and larger, we only offer this service to Auckland as that's where we're based and we can arrange local drop off or pick up.

Finished framed dimensions:
A4 = 260mm x 345mm
A3 = 345mm x 470mm
A2 = 470mm x 645mm
A1 = 645mm x 890mm
A0 = 905mm x 1250mm

Moulding dimensions:
30mm wide x 20mm high

** (“wide classic” moulding is used for A0 for strength, dimensions = 40mm wide x 20mm high) **




Framing Notes & Care Instructions

All frames have acid free backing boards and standard 2mm glass.

A4 frames have hanging teeth, A3 - A1 frames are traditionally strung with d-rings.

A0 frames are strung if portrait or d-rings only (no string) if landscape.

Oak Frames are natural, uncoated wood and will slightly darken over time.

Special glass (non-reflective or UV), or archival mats and baking boards are available on request.

All frames are cleanly tapped on the back for a professional finish.

Avoid direct sun light to protect your art from fading.

Floated art prints should not be exposed to extreme changes in temperature or high moisture (e.g bathrooms), your art may get condensation buildup.

A1 and A0 sized framed prints with a landscape orientation should be hung with two picture hooks with a gap between them. If you hang with one picture hook pressure is increased on the joins and can pull apart over time.